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About Imperial Lane

Independent News & Information for Kiwis, from Kiwis.

Loosely based on the fort lane and queen street crossover where imperial lane was carved out into. Not knowing too much about the history of the name at the time, I just liked the name, and this ‘underground’, or ‘exclusive’ street that only certain people knew about sounded like a cool idea for a website. It was then also fitting to find out that it was also once a restaurant/cafe named after imperial lane as well.

Imperial lane was founded on September 6th, 2020 by Violet Barnes. An independent news and information website that helps more kiwis gain access to good information, and also be able to distribute more of their own information to more of the right audiences.

It’s initial aim was to help local businesses distribute information about their business, and have it also distributed throughout social media and other local publications.

Latest at Imperial lane as we continue to grow

We try to keep things interesting, and love bold ideas, so with  that in mind keep up to date with our latest idea’s and mad experiments:

News and information, press releases, local business news, media pages, business pages, directory listings, podcasts, property, shopping, supporting local, online classes/courses, 

Associated With: West Auckland | Auckland Central
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