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Signs You Need An Emergency Tree Specialist

August 20, 2021
Violet Barnes

We talked about the damage that necessitates emergency tree service with the recent storms in Auckland (and reports of a couple heavy ones on its way).

Some may be linked to storms in Auckland City, and some may not.

In any event, it's useful to know cases in which professional callers could be required.

When you need to call an Auckland Tree Specialist it's not always easy to decide whether you need emergency tree service. Determine what is typical to lean or detect damaged branches in the foliage may be difficult.

Here are some indicators of harm and suggestions for identifying these dangers that should be taken into consideration promptly.

Trees Leaning Abnormally

If you have a tree in your Auckland back yard, or you notice one in your travels, newer lean of any kind should be considered by an arborist, particularly when it is over a path or structure. Any 15 percent slimming tree needs emergency treatment is a decent rule of thumb.

Decaying Roots

Call an arborist ASAP if you detect any root deterioration or damage. The root system is your tree's structural support; if there is damage, it can cause severe harm by the powerful wind.

Fungus Growing at the roots

Mushrooms at the bottom of your tree may not necessarily be an indication of root disease and inner rot. An arborist should assess this, as the roots constitute your tree support system, as indicated above.

Too close to power lines

The distance between trees and electricity wires may be more than you thought.

Electrical may arc up to ten feet through wet tree foliage during rainy weather, and it may cause electricity failure or damage to property. Don't try to cut or cut the trees alone! Long-term training for arborists ensures that they execute their work safely.

When You Need To Act Quick

When it comes to dead branches, you have two major points to consider:

Large dead branches must be promptly removed. A strong wind might cause persons or things to crash.

You have a serious structural problem if all your dead branches are on one side of the tree.

The equilibrium of the tree, which is extremely dangerous, is disturbed.


Damaged Tree Trunk

Cracks and cavities in the trunk or significant parts of the bark are evidence of a tree's structure no longer sound. An arborist can assess if these dangers to the tree are substantial.

Hollow Tree Trunk

If the trunk resides on the exterior of a tree longer than the interior. There may be some hollowing out of a tree, but a good thumb rule is to be constantly observed or removed if one third is hollow.


It is preferable to be cautious than to be sorry if you are still unclear about the danger that your damaged woods cause. Call us about the services of the St. Paul Emergency Tree. We can come out and offer you a free assessment of the seriousness of the problem.

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