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5G Wireless Broadband Powering The Covid-19 All Of Government Response

September 6, 2020
Violet Barnes

Six month trial of fixed wireless access (FWA) shows the future of Vodafone 5G for NZ consumers and businesses

Five months after deployment, Vodafone 5G fixed wireless broadband is proving to be a fast and reliable option for the All of Government Covid-19 Response Centre.

Up to 120 people and a range of connected devices are using a Vodafone 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) solution, which was set up in a few minutes in Central Wellington when the government operations centre was set up on March 25.

Tony Baird, Vodafone Wholesale & Infrastructure Director, says: “We’ve been trialling 5G fixed wireless broadband with some select customers, with a key one being the NZ Police at the All of Government Covid-19 Response Centre. Wireless 5G broadband is proving to be incredibly reliable and the feedback we’re getting is really encouraging – the connection was set up in minutes, and is proving very reliable in terms of connections including great speeds.

“We’re continuing to investigate a commercial 5G fixed wireless access solution for business and consumer customers, which we are confident will be well received – both as a long-term broadband option and also in instances like this when an office needs to be set up quickly and cabling in fibre adds complexity, cost and time.”

Mark Evans, NZ Police Deputy Chief Executive: “We needed to set up a Covid-19 operations centre as quickly as possible, and high quality internet was obviously essential to us being able to communicate – particularly during lockdown when digital communication tools such as smartphones and video calling became essential.

“The Vodafone 5G fixed wireless broadband solution was set up in minutes, and has been proving to be very reliable in terms of speed and latency, meaning no one is reporting any annoying buffering. We have up to 120 people connected to the two devices at any one time, plus eight VodafoneTV’s streaming news 24/7 as well as printers and other office equipment.”

The six-month trial using two Nokia Fastmile 5G Gateway devices is expected to run until end-September, to support the government’s ongoing response to fighting Covid-19.

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