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Panties Launches New Website: The Ultimate Destination for Comfortable Women’s Underwear in New Zealand

August 9, 2023
Violet Barnes

The Panties website offers extensive information and in-depth product reviews for women’s panties and underwear specifically designed for comfort.

AUCKLAND, NZ — While panties can serve to express personal style and contribute to an outfit’s overall look, comfort remains a paramount factor for the discerning woman. With evolving fashion trends and new products flooding the market, a consumer-friendly platform serving as a one-stop shop will soon help consumers make informed choices.

Panties is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its website in mid-August, revolutionising how women in New Zealand approach their underwear & lingerie choices. With a steadfast commitment to body positivity and comfort, Panties will serve as the go-to resource for extensive information, product reviews, and insights on women’s panties and underwear.

Founded by fashion and eCommerce maven Rebecca Masdon, Panties is set to empower women of all ages and body types in their quest for comfortable and confidence-boosting underwear. Drawing from her extensive experience and expertise, Masdon’s meticulously curated content will offer readers a comprehensive guide to discovering the best undergarments available.

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Besides its mission being rooted in fostering body positivity and providing women with the tools to make informed decisions about their underwear, Panties is dedicated to creating a supportive community where comfort and self-assurance reign supreme.

Championing body positivity has numerous benefits, including improved self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being. Inclusivity and diversity of diverse body types promote a more positive societal outlook on body image, helping reduce body-related stress and encourage a healthier relationship with one’s own body. 

The soon-to-be-launched website will feature an array of well-researched product reviews encompassing a diverse range of underwear options, all tailored to offer optimum comfort. The platform’s commitment to quality extends beyond panties, with coverage also spanning a variety of accessories and sleepwear products designed to enhance the overall comfort experience.

As part of its launch, Panties will present a user-friendly interface that ensures seamless navigation and accessibility. The platform will continue to evolve, consistently updating its product reviews based on the latest releases and trends in the market. Through strategic partnerships, Panties aims to further enrich its readers’ experiences by offering exclusive benefits and discounts.

The soon-to-be-launched website is more than just a website—it’s a community where women can connect, share experiences, and encourage body positivity together. The underwear brand is excited to embark on this journey, fostering relationships and enhancing the lives of its readers.

The soon-to-be-launched website will fill a significant gap in the market, catering to women who seek not only comfort but a sense of empowerment in their choice of underwear. With a team of experts dedicated to scrutinising and reviewing every aspect of each product, Panties guarantees a curated selection that reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and comfort.

With their extensive selection of feminine comfy underwear, customers will feel and look confident. There is something in the Panties collection for everyone, whether they favour lace or a plain look. Look through their wide range of women’s briefs or underwear to get the ideal fit and design. Panties will have everything, from every woman’s favourite pair of black brief knickers or comfortable sleepwear to an alluring white thong.

The website’s launch is eagerly anticipated by individuals across New Zealand who are ready to embrace a new era of underwear shopping. By prioritising body positivity and comfort, Panties aims to redefine how women approach their undergarment choices, inspiring newfound confidence and self-assuredness.

About the Site:

Panties is a forthcoming online platform launching in mid-August, dedicated to providing women in New Zealand with comprehensive information, product reviews, and insights on comfortable and confidence-boosting underwear. Founded by fashion and eCommerce expert Rebecca Masdon, Panties is committed to fostering body positivity, empowering women of all ages and body types to make informed decisions about their underwear choices. The platform extends its coverage to various accessories and sleepwear products, all designed to enhance overall comfort and confidence.


Contact Details

Company Name: Panties 

Client’s Name: Rebecca Masdon

Address: 168 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Email: [email protected]


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