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Cadbury’s New Passionfruit Delight Joins the New Roses Lineup

September 6, 2023
Violet Barnes

New Flavour Alert: Passionfruit Delight

Roses chocolates are welcoming a new mate, the Passionfruit Delight. This fresh addition promises to add a zesty twist to the classic Roses lineup.

Kiwi Simple Pleasures and Chocolate Delights

It’s often those simple joys – the first blossoms of spring, a family BBQ, or a Sunday stroll on the beach. Now, there’s a new Roses flavour to add to the mix, right alongside those classic Kiwi favourites.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Evolution

Cadbury has rolled out the Passionfruit Delight, which will be joining the ranks of the well-loved Strawberry Crème, Orange Crème, and Peppermint Crème. This latest addition has a soft centre, all wrapped up in that rich Old Gold dark chocolate. If you’re keen to give it a go, they’ll be hitting the shelves by the end of September.

Roses’ Transformation in 2018

Back in 2018, Cadbury made some waves with the Roses fans. They revamped the iconic collection, leading to the discontinuation of several favourites and the introduction of two new flavours. The packaging also got a makeover, moving from the traditional twist closures to individually sealed packets.

Taste Test Reviews on Cadbury’s Passionfruit Delight

Stuff NZ Education Reporter – Gabrielle McCulloch:

Gabrielle found the inside of the chocolate to be a delightful experience. “The gooey centre is a hit. However, I’d prefer if the chocolate shell was a tad thinner, reducing the crunch. It’s a personal preference, but there’s a tangy taste that reminds me of Turkish Delight,” she shared.

Stuff NZ Lifestyle Reporter – Lyric Waiwiri-Smith:

Lyric, while a fan of passionfruit, had mixed feelings about the new flavour. “The texture is reminiscent of Turkish Delight, which isn’t my favourite. But the idea of a passionfruit flavour in Roses? That’s something I was genuinely excited about,” she remarked.

Stuff NZ Health Reporter – Hannah Martin & Stuff NZ Science Reporter – Ryan Anderson:

The two had contrasting opinions on the new addition. Anderson commented, “If you asked me to pinpoint the flavour, I’d be at a loss. It’s sweet, but I can’t say it tastes like passionfruit.” Martin countered, “To me, it tastes exactly like passionfruit, almost like a Christmas pavlova. I’ve never been a fan of Turkish Delight, but if this is what it tastes like, I might just change my mind.”

Where to Find the New Flavour

Chocolate lovers can expect the updated Cadbury Roses collection in supermarkets and local stores soon. Cheers!

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